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    12:47 PM Singapore Law Blog

    Academic Publications Digest (Aug–Dec 2017)

    This digest is a compilation of publications (including articles, books, and book chapters) by local academics from the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law, and the Singapore Management University, School of Law. It will be released on a half-yearly basis via SingaporeLawWatch and www.singaporelawblog.sg. The digest is prepared in collaboration with the Supreme Court of Singapore....

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    03:32 PM Singapore Law Blog

    General Information on Legal News

    This section contains timely and concise commentaries on recent developments in the Singapore legal landscape and, where appropriate, on those from other jurisdictions as well. Such developments include those relating to legislation, policy adjustments and broader market changes. Commentaries are written with a practical bent, providing a clear summary of the latest legal development, as well as h...